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Working through qualified, tax-exempt organizations, the Foundation seeks to reach, educate and motivate the general public and the current and future leaders of American society. The specific efforts of the Foundation include support for:

•  Undergraduate scholarships at specific colleges and universities for qualified students studying government, political science, public administration, law, history, journalism or education (social studies);

•  Graduate scholarships at specific institutions for qualified students preparing for careers in law, education (political science) and public administration;

•  Programs and activities that provide personal involvement in the political process and functions of government, such as mock trials, mock political conventions, mock legislative sessions, and governmental internships, as well as conferences and seminars on relevant public policy issues;

•  Lecture series, seminars, academic contests and other educational programs for young people, educators, professionals and other societal leaders on the relevant principles of American Democratic Self-Government; and

•  Other programs and activities that, in the opinion of the Trustees, meet the obligations of the Foundation's Statement of Purpose.

All requests for grants cannot be acted upon favorably. A request determined to be within the Foundation's scope and purpose will be reviewed carefully from the standpoint of program content, funding requirements for on-going programs, availability of funds, existing or future grant commitments, and geographical considerations.

Foundation grants are generally restricted to Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri, although grants occasionally are made to qualified organizations outside of the region.

The Foundation does not make loans, grants-in-aid, scholarships or fellowships directly to individuals. Grants are made to selected schools, colleges, universities, and other entities qualified to receive these funds. Once granted, funds are administered by each entity, not the Foundation.

Likewise, grants for purposes other than scholarships or fellowships are made only to organizations that are qualified charities determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

It is the policy of the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation that its grant funds may be used only for the specific purposes for which they were awarded and may not be used to cover any indirect costs.

Grants are made in good faith on the basis of information supplied by the applicant. The Foundation reserves the right to require periodic reports on the status of the grant funds and certifications that such funds are being used for the purpose intended, as well as the opportunity to audit, at its own expense, the recipient's records as they relate to the activities funded by a Foundation grant.

Grants are made without any commitment of future financial support unless otherwise specified by the Board of Trustees.

The Foundation is non-political and nonpartisan, and none of its funds may be used for political or propagandistic purposes.

The Foundation will not accept grant applications sent via e-mail or facsimile machine.

•  Grant applications will be accepted from January 1st through August 1st of each year. Final decisions on grant proposals are made by the Trustees in October of each year.

•  Grant applications received after August 1st will not be considered.

•  Grant applications must be in writing, but do not need to be formal. A letter identifying the applying organization, purpose of the grant, amount requested and evidence of tax-exempt status will suffice to initiate the proposal. Further information may be required.

•  Each request also must include a completed Summary Grant Application (see below).

•  Each request should include a concise Executive Summary no longer than one page.

•  Supporting documents for applications may include budgets, annual reports, press clippings, promotional materials, program histories and other relevant data.

•  Once a decision has been made approving or disapproving a grant request, the applicant will be advised.

•  Two copies (one unbound) of a completed grant application should be mailed to: Executive Director, Hatton W. Sumners Foundation, Inc., 325 N. St. Paul Street., Suite 3920, Dallas, Texas 75201.

•  The Foundation will not accept grant applications sent via e-mail or facsimile machine.

The Summary Grant Application has been created to facilitate the review and consideration of all grant requests by the staff and Trustees of the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation.   The use of this two-page form is mandatory beginning with the 2005 grant cycle.

Download the Summary Grant Application and its Instructions here .

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 to open these files.   If you do not have it, this free program can be downloaded from:


The Foundation has restructured its requirements and procedures for Challenge Grants.  

Download the new Challenge Grant Criteria here .

  The applicant has read the Foundation's Statement of Purpose and Grant Guidelines to confirm the applicability of the grant request.

  The applicant understands that the Foundation each year accepts applications from January 1st through August 1st, considers requests in October, and funds successful applications in November.

  The application clearly identifies the tax-exempt organization seeking the grant, and a copy of the organization's I.R.S. tax letter has been attached.

  The application clearly states the amount of funds requested and the specific purpose of the grant.

  If applying for a Challenge Grant, the applicant has reviewed the Foundation's criteria for this type of funding.

  An executive summary containing all pertinent information has been included at the beginning of the proposal.

  The application has been signed by a person legally empowered to represent the applying organization.

  The applicant has completed the mandatory Summary Grant Application and attached signed originals to each of the detailed applications required by the Foundation.

  The application has been mailed or shipped to the Foundation in time to be received by August 1st.

325 N. St. Paul St., Suite 3920
Dallas, Texas 75201
Office: 214/220-2128