Can I file a grant application by e-mail?  

No, the Foundation does not accept grant applications filed by e-mail or facsimile machine. Two complete copies, one unbound, must be mailed to the Foundation so as to arrive no later than August 1st of each year.

Can I file a scholarship application directly with the Foundation?  

No. All of the Foundation's scholarship programs are administered by the institutions involved.

How often do you make grants?  

The Foundation makes grants once each year. Applications are accepted until August 1st of each year, and are screened by the Trustees at a subsequent meeting. Final grant decision are made in October and funds distributed in late November.

Can we make a grant presentation to the Trustees?  

No. It would be unfair for the Trustees to meet with some new grant applicants, but not others, and there is insufficient time for presentations by all applicants.

Do you make multi-year grants?  

On occasion, the Trustees may make a multi-year grant to an established program, although that is not the norm.

Do you make grants to religious organizations for religious purposes?  


Do you have a formal grant application?  

No, although a short Summary Grant Application must be completed. Please refer to the Grant Guidelines page for details on the application process.

Do you make grants for capital campaigns or construction projects?  

Rarely, if ever, are such grants made.

Do you make grants for endowments?  

While the Trustees have approved such grants in the past, those were limited to the creation of the Foundation's seven endowed scholarship programs. The Trustees are not inclined to create new endowments at this time.

Can Foundation grants cover indirect costs at colleges and universities?

No.  It is the policy of the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation that its grant funds may be used only for the specific purposes for which they were awarded and may not be used to cover any indirect costs.